Multi-Axial Subassemblage Test System (MAST)

Conduct high-force, six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) quasi-static and dynamic testing of beam-column frame systems, walls, bridge piers, abutments and more to the point of failure in controlled laboratory settings. This high-capacity test system provides researchers the data needed to improve design codes and develop next generation building materials, components and structures.


Test Specimens

Key Product Features

Civil Testing

Deployed and supported at civil engineering labs worldwide including Swinburne University of Technology, École Polytechnique Montréal, University of Minnesota

Unmatched Expertise

PhD-level MTS System Integration Engineers provide expert guidance and training

Innovative Technology

State-of-the-art control methods such as Degree-of-Freedom Control and Hybrid Simulation provide unique testing capabilities

Integrated / Synchronized

Solution includes MTS high-force structural actuators, fatigue rated swivels, hydraulics, controls and software

Featured Case Studies

University of Minnesota: Debugging Design codes

Technical Overview

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These large multi-degree of freedom systems are semi-custom and can be tailored to your needs and facility requirements. MTS can provide high force structural actuators and controls or be involved in full turn-key integration.

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